How to Register TIFIA Group For Success ?

Do you know? While you trade you can get your cash rebate back to you!!!

You open an account using your ib’s link affaliate, so they will get a rebate commission from each of your entry trades, so why dont you try trade to your account affiliate and get your own rebate? You will get your own commission, I will teach you how to get 20usd perlot rebate cashback with your own entry and rebate auto get into your mt4, anytime you can withdraw, no need deposits or pay me. I will reveal this secret for free. Its your choice to make and its for yourself. Feel free to dm at @Nuraza769 for guide and get step.

How to register  TIFIA and join us at live groupchat:

First Click this Link Below:


Secondly follow this instructions in that website:

  1. Open Account
  2. Kindly fill in the details, ensure your Name follows exactly as per your IC, your hp, email, Tick agree, and Click Sign Up. And the Address registered in your Licence or your Bank Statement or Bill
  3. Open Trading Account – choose the Start Micro account
  4.  Leverage 1:1000
  5. Currency – Choose USD
  6. Open Trading Account
  7. Code Word (Use simple and easy to remember words i.e “Ahmad”)
  8. Check your email for the MT4 Account details (STR-6xxxxx)
  9. Wait for Tifia ADMIN to process your account verification within 24 hour


More details do wasap Aza.

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