Sei Bella Whitening Multiberries Drink


Good morning all, I like to share Green Supermarket

– Whitening Multi-Berries Drink Multi-berry flavored drink Precious West Indian Cherry content increased to 10 times Brightening, snow muscles are better
★Double patented ingredients The Japanese patent recognizes the lotus seed germ, which promotes skin metabolism and blooms from the inside out. The US patent-certified red pomegranate extracts intact scented tannins and the skin becomes natural and flawless.

★Whitening amino acids The use of popular global beauty star ingredients: whitening amino acids and vitamin C and multivitamin B, to help find youthful radiance, drink a uniform face.
★ 9 kinds of berry polyphenols Increased to 10 times the West Indian Cherry content, 9 kinds of natural berries such as grapes and acai berry, it fully activates the skin and revitalizes the skin. Even without powder, it has clear and clear skin. Open the innocent journey of the 9 big berries – West Indian Cherry: Vitamin C is extremely rich Grape: Enhance free rad



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