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Myth and Truth Diffuser Essential Oil

Diffuser myth busters:

MYTH: Diffusing around pets is toxic.
TRUTH: Diffusing around pets is an excellent way to benefit them on a regular basis. It is best to use a water-based diffuser (such as the Lumo® Diffuser) on an intermittent setting. Allow your pet the option to exit the room by leaving the door open, and only use three to four drops of oil at a time in the diffuser.

MYTH: It is not safe to diffuse around young children.
TRUTH: When used appropriately, the diffusion of essential oils can be enjoyed by the entire family. Using a diffuser in the home is very safe; however, if you are concerned, start with the lowest setting on your diffuser and adjust according to your comfort level.

MYTH: You cannot diffuse essential oils that contain coconut oil.
TRUTH: Our essential oil blends have been specifically tested and found not to damage doTERRA® diffusers. As long as you properly maintain and regularly clean your diffuser, we would not anticipate any issues diffusing doTERRA oil blends that contain coconut oil.

Credit to Doterra Essential Oil

Desert Mist Diffuser Young Living

Nampak elegant dan lawa, pikir material nya kaca, panya bukan.  Pikir berat tah ne kan di angkat, panya ringan saja. Pikir satu warna saja, Panya buleh tukar warna warni bah.. Pikir hidup sepanjang masa tah ia diffuse tu klu sudah abis air nya, panya inda.. ia akan automatic tetutup sendiri diffuse nya dan hanya akan hidup lampungnya macam lampung tido. Bole lagi sendiri diffuse tu ikut berapa jam mau ia diffuse.

Tahan lama dan cara membersihkan nya pun mudah mommy. Nah ane Aza share one of the feedback daripada customer Aza..

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