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Siapa Kata Keraja Mama Inda Mengalih

Keraja sebagai mama ane 24hr bah, mengalihnya sampai nda belaing mata membuat keraja rumah nda beranti. Tapi alhamdulilah dengan adanya Produk Wellness Company ane nama nya Prespot –  Stain Remover banyak bana menolong para mama mama di brunei ane.
Alhamdulilah nah barang bagus aza pakai aza sharing sama mommy, nah senang untuk membersihkan segala jenis kotoran macam bagas chocolate, ketumpahan minuman kopi, milo, teh, bagas tomato kah kicap kah, bagas darah kah, bagas minyak kah, bagas tanah kah rumput kah… InsyaAllah boleh di bersihkan.

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Salam Jumaat dan selamat bersahur

Assalamualaikum dan selamat bersahur mommy smua…

Mommy bersahur sama Attain Shake? Sama tah tane atu…

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Delicious Breakfast for Kids

New Koala Pals® Fruits and Nuts Cereal

16 multivitamins and minerals for daily nutrition

Koala Pals® Fruits and Nuts Cereal contains 16 multivitamins/minerals that are powdered.


Kaola Pals – Fruits and Nuts Cereals

A delicious combination of 11 types of muesli & dried fruits

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Who would pay $7 for  an ordinary bar of soap?

Who would paygoldBar4.png
$7 for
an ordinary
bar of soap?


No one.

So why are millions buying The Gold Bar?


Because it’s no ordinary bar. It’s a glycerin bar that conditions and moisturizes as it cleanses your entire body. (And  Preferred Customers receive a 37% discount!)

From the lather, to the scent, to the way your skin feels hours later, The Gold Bar is unique in a myriad of ways. Unlike soap, it leaves no slimy residue. It rinses clean for healthy, refreshed skin. You will not believe it until you experience it yourself.


A world-class bath bar.

From the beginning, The Gold Bar has been in a class of its own. No other bar compares.
The Gold Bar was introduced as the most lavish body bar on the market—and its legacy continues.

Over 30 million bars have already been sold, and its popularity is growing every day.

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